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Big Bang in Practice

I went to Basel several days earlier than my apartment in the center of the city was ready. It’s necessary to arrange several things before I can start working. If you want to stay some time in a cheap hotel in Basel, I can definitely recommend you Hotel Alfa. You can also find my hotel’s review on TripAdvisor. Packing my stuff for this long stay abroad wasn’t easy; I think I can even say it was very hard.

Firstly I bought common goods like washing powder and freshening, something to eat and drink and of course also power socket adapter, because Switzerland is using type J. I need pack my stuff in Pilsen and then I took everything to Horažďovice in tree car trips. Horažďovice was my main packing location, because it’s much easier to load car on the garden then between panel buildings’ neighborhood. I also added some stuff from Horažďovice to my heap of stuff.

I thought, I had full trunk when I went on vacations. Big mistake. This time, I filled in almost each free space in the trunk; it was like 3D puzzle to fit all items together on the best way. I brought only the most important and visible stuff from car to my hotel room. Big moving in has occurred after a few days. Luckily, well very luckily, there was free parking spot exactly in front on the entrance to my new building.

Parking in front of my new home in the blue zone

Parking in front of my new home in the blue zone

I brought with me many stuff, something was needless, because it was already in the apartment even if it should not be here or something I didn’t know, what I should expect, so I brought mine just as a precaution. You can see how my flat looked right after I brought everything on my car on following picture. So the next step was cleaning up this mess.

a bit messy

Mess after moving in

So things, like kettle, I will bring back to Czech on my next journey. Information about looking for an apartment and the reason, why I chose this one will be described later. In next blog post, you will find facts about equipping foreign identity card, buying public transport subscription, opening bank account and buying parking card for residents.

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