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Unscheduled Maintenance

Today, I had the first visit of my landlord because of some issues. Normally, I would not mention this, but it was slightly funny after all.

Bathroom’s fluorescent lamp was malfunctioning, sometimes was glowing, sometimes not – it was like 50:50. I was also missing plug for the sink in the kitchen and the last issue was completely broken light on the toilet.

Changing light bulb on the toilet was standard, but changing fluorescent lamp in the bathroom was funnier. Landlord was even fairly surprised, that the lamp was ever shining, because there was missing one electrical component – small green cylinder. I guess, it was the starter. Well, I don’t know, how it worked, but somehow yes.

Last issue was a sink’s plug. I went with the landlord to her store room and she gave me something that looked like weird crevice tool for vacuum cleaner. Well, it was really plug, because my sink does not have emergency overflow.

Weird sink plug

Weird sink plug

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