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New Swiss Driving License

Driving like a Swiss

If you stay in Switzerland more than 12 moths, you have to exchange your national driving license to Swiss one otherwise you’re not allowed to drive a car here. It’s necessary to exchange it before this 12 months period pass – you will simply exchange the driving license. If you do it after, you must

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How I went to Geneve Motor Show twice

I was looking forward to Genève Motor Show very long time and my plan was drive there this Saturday in the morning. I woke up at about 5 AM and at about 6 AM I went to my car to be in Genève on time. When I reached my car, I tried to unlock it

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You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

… or maybe you can? Our company is usually organizing each January winter weekend in the mountains somewhere in Switzerland. This event was last weekend in Flims – ski resort Laax. Like summer event, also winter is for employees and their families. After some discussion, we already in December agreed with my girlfriend we will

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Trip to the Czech Republic

I moved to Switzerland in the end of May 2014. Since I’m here, I went back to the Czech Republic only three times. For the first time, after a month, in the end of June, just because I had to go to the dentist. Second visit was almost after long 5 months in Switzerland in

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Trains and Velos

Cyclists Not the most, but a lot of cyclists are riding their bikes with lights on even during day – that’s great, you see cyclist much better as driver and also as pedestrian. I must also repeat that cyclists are here nice and respectful to the others and also to traffic code. I think, it

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Drivers and Driving

We were travelling around Switzerland to see beauty of “everything”. Switzerland has nice trains, but we travelled mostly by car, because it’s probably the cheapest way to move around. Public transport is quite expensive, for example train from Basel to Zurich costs 32 CHF and there is no return discount, so return ticket costs 64

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Thanks for the Memory

I’m still alive and I’m still in Switzerland, but I didn’t have enough time to write here. We made some travelling around and now, I should have some time to summarize it. Just wait and look forward for more posts, meanwhile you can check my new photo gallery: http://photos.tichava.cz/.