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You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

… or maybe you can?

Our company is usually organizing each January winter weekend in the mountains somewhere in Switzerland. This event was last weekend in Flimsski resort Laax. Like summer event, also winter is for employees and their families. After some discussion, we already in December agreed with my girlfriend we will join this trip. Our plan was to relax in the hotel’s pool and maybe have some walks, but definitely we didn’t want to do anything difficult or challenging, because we both are not so much interested in any sport (except one :-)).

Training area

Training area

In the first work week of this year, we had Neujahrsapéro in the evening to celebrate new year in our company and the others tried to convince me to take ski lessons for beginners. We discussed it with my girlfriend again and we decided to try it. We both have never skied in our lives.

After Saturday breakfast, we went to the ski rental, to get everything necessary for skiing including clothes.

And then, the ski lesson began.

Our ski training

Our ski training

We went to the training area with small slope. After two hours “skiing”, I can say, I really enjoyed it and skiing is surprisingly much easier than I thought. Of course, I can’t go up and take big slope for regular skiers, but I can more-or-less ski on this small training slope and during my training, I felt down exactly 0 times. Yes, 0 times – even I was really surprised! Skiing is not so hard and even if I lose control, I can get it back if there is enough space around me.

Skiing is fun and I if somebody told me several month ago, that I will be skiing in Switzerland, I would tell him, he is crazy. And now? I’d like to go skiing at least once this season – of course, on some training again, because I can’t become skilled skier after 2 hours.

I’m almost 100 % sure, that if I wouldn’t go on an internship, we would never try skiing with my girlfriend.

If you are interested in some photos from Flims or Laax, you can go to my photo gallery: Flims skiing weekend.

At hotel bar

Relaxing at hotel bar


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